These Tricks Will Help Your Cheese Melt Better

One of the first steps to achieving a luxe melted cheese is to avoid the pre-shredded variety, which is coated in starch (via Allrecipes). Instead, grate the cheese yourself. It only takes a couple of extra minutes, and the benefits are so worth it. Melting cheese in an acidic substance, like white wine, is another great hack to produce super smooth, rich cheese. The recipe this is best known for is ultra-indulgent cheese fondue.

Allrecipes also recommends turning the cheese into a béchamel sauce. All you need to do this, via Allrecipes) is milk, butter, flour, salt, and nutmeg. This can be used as part of a whole host of recipes, but is extra delicious as the base of macaroni and cheese (via Bon Appétit).

Lastly, do not crank up the burner heat. Per Epicurious, this common misstep will melt the cheese too fast and cause it to get crusty and hard. Instead, keep the heat low and be patient. The end result will deliver, we promise.

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