Thief steals Bryce Hall’s checkbook and cashes huge check to themselves

TikTok star Bryce Hall is no stranger to the occasional trespasser — but things have taken a turn for the worse after he claimed someone stole a hefty amount from his bank account.

While the life of a social media star might seem like a charmed one (scoring profitable brand deals, having tons of fans, and otherwise living everyone else’s dream), it’s not always a walk in the park.

In fact, quite a few high-profile influencers have reported instances of concerning fan behavior. Several content creators have suffered severely from stalkers… even to the point of receiving death threats toward their entire family.

Bryce Hall is one such influencer who has, unfortunately, come to terms with the more difficult side of fame on more than one occasion. The Sway House star’s home has been a favorite location for trespassers multiple times in the past, with one intruder literally waltzing into the house unbidden (leading to an unsurprising citizen’s arrest on their part).

However, it seems like Hall’s not out of the woods yet when it comes to this kind of thing. Late on August 17, Hall tweeted that someone had jacked his checkbook — a pretty panic-worthy moment for just about anyone, no matter how much money you’ve got.

That’s not all; the thief apparently went on to cash a hefty $8,200 check to themselves. Hall humorously noted that this wasn’t exactly a smart move on their part, considering that it would make it easy to track down the offender and get his money back.

“Someone really stole my checkbook and wrote themselves a check for $8,200 and it deposited from my bank account lol,” Hall said of the situation. “Kinda dumb, considering I’ll get it back and now find out who it was.”

Luckily, it seems like Bryce is on the ball when it comes to getting his stolen cash back in his account — but, unfortunately, this behavior is all too common for content creators, marking yet another disturbing instance of boundary-crossing conduct against influencers.

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