Things That Surpised Me After Moving From NYC to Denver

New York City always felt like a temporary home.

I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime but I knew New York City was never a permanent place to call home.

Abby Narishkin

I spent three years in New York City and never once bought furniture. I collected nightstands tossed on the curb during trash day and happily accepted bits of decor from friends who had decided the city was no longer for them.

When I look back, my unwillingness to purchase real furniture stands as a reminder of my temporary plans to live in New York City. If I didn’t have furniture or items of value, it wouldn’t be hard to leave. 

While leaving the city was anything but easy, the pandemic had me reconsidering, reevaluating, and reprioritizing what I cared about in life. 

I cared about my career, which could now be remote.

I cared about community — something I was longing for but lacking in New York.

And I cared about nature. New York City’s green spaces like Domino Park, Central Park, and Prospect Park just weren’t cutting it for me.


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