This charcoal fridge deodoriser gets rid of funky fridge smells AND prolongs food life 

Are you embarrassed by a stinky fridge? Shoppers say this charcoal fridge deodoriser ‘works like magic’ to banish funky smells AND to prolong food life

If you’re embarrassed by the smells coming from your fridge then you’re not alone. In the warmer months the heat can cause bacteria to multiply, causing your fridge to work overtime and emit some pretty pongy smells as a result.

That’s where a fridge freshener comes in. Thousands of Amazon shoppers have discovered the Fridge Ninja Bamboo Deodoriser hailing it as a ‘brilliant’ way to banish strong odours, including blue cheese and fish.

Using activated bamboo charcoal, it’s fragrance free so won’t make the problem worse and works to absorb the odours and moisture from your fridge to make sure it looks and smells fresh. And according to thousands of impressed Amazon shoppers it gets the job done, with users saying it ‘works like magic’.

And the best news? It’s now on sale so you can pick up a pack of two for just £8.49 (was £13.99).

The Fridge Ninja Bamboo Deodoriser is now on sale for £8.49 for a pack of two with shoppers raving over its ability to banish nasty fridge odors

Amazon reviewers who have bought the Fridge Ninja Bamboo Deodoriser claiming it’s a ‘must-have’ and ‘absolutely brilliant’ for getting rid of nasty fridge smells.

Over the summer you might find that your fridge is stocked up with fresher ingredients like cheese and seasonal fruits which can start to smell when left unused for a while.

The Fridge Ninja is a super easy way to keep out unpleasant odors so you won’t be embarrassed anytime someone goes to open the fridge. Better still, it also works to absorb moisture and mildew, helping preserve the freshness of food.

The compact odour eliminator bag is packed with 200g of 100 per cent natural bamboo charcoal which is proven to deodorise smells without relying on any harmful chemicals or ingredients.

Not only is the Fridge Ninja a natural way of getting rid of smells, it is also reusable. All you have to do is place it in the sun and it should keep you fridge and freezer smelling fresh for up to six months.

The tiny little pores and cavities in the charcoal work together to create a large magnetic sponge which effectively works to expel moisture and stinky odours from your fridge.

This means that food is kept fresher for longer, saving you both embarrassment and money from having to chuck foods out early.

It absorbs more odours and lasts longer than artificial air purifiers

The deodorizer removes excess moisture and inhibits mildew to keep food fresher for longer

A single charcoal air purifying bag can last you months without needing to be recharged

While the majority of shoppers have used the Fridge Nina Bamboo Deodoriser to prevent bad food smells, it can also be used for shoe cabinets, bathroom, cars and anywhere else you want. Users have been impressed at how quickly it gets to work with many seeing results after a couple of hours.

One delighted shopper raved: ‘VERY effective. It’s only been in my fridge a couple of hours and already the pong’s gone. Super free fridge thermometer, too! I cannot recommend this Fridge Ninja enough.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘They wipe out any trace of pungent odour from even the smelliest cheese and I no longer have to stand back from the fridge when I open the door.

‘I love the fact that they are odour free, environmentally friendly and long lasting. Just two hours in sunlight every fortnight guarantees that they continue to perform really well.’

A third penned: Amazing I had a nasty smell in my fridge after forgetting about a few things at the back. The smell got absorbed in to the filter and I thought no amount of scrubbing would remove the smell. Finally I found this popped it in the fridge and the next morning the smell has completely gone!’

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