This Genius Hack Removes Tape From Paper Without Destroying it

The r/lifehacks subreddit is a great place to find “uncommon solutions to common problems.”

User u/r3dl3mon recently got Redditors talking when they shared a genius hack that removes tape from paper without destroying it.

The Method

The hack was shared via a 26-second video that started out with two separate pieces of paper on a table. Next, viewers see someone tape both pieces to the table using packaging tape. The tape is pulled all the way across each piece of paper, securing it to the table on both ends.

We see someone pick up one of the pieces of paper and attempt to pull up the tape. As they try to take the tape off, what happens next is no surprise. The paper is ripped and destroyed as the tape comes off.

Now, we get to the second piece of paper. It’s been taped the exact same way as the first. But this time, when they remove the taped piece from the table, they grab the piece of tape from both ends and stretch it as far as it can go.

Then, they gather both ends of the tape together, which folds the paper a bit. Voila! The tape pops right off of the paper without destroying it.

Does This Hack Really Work?

In the comments section, Redditors applauded this tape removal method. One said this hack was “actually a method to test tape. If you can do this with tape, it’s crappy tape with weak glue. Avoid.”

Another user said that they tried it and it worked, which led them to declare “life hack verified.” But a few hours later, they changed their tune.

“So after leaving the tape to sit for several hours, I regret to tell you that this hack doesn’t seem to hold up very well… :(” the disappointed Redditor wrote.

Apparently, the quality of the tape will determine whether or not you can use this life hack. And the longer the tape is on the paper, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Anytime you try to remove tape clean from paper, the key is to soften it first as much as possible. Try using a hairdryer above the tape. You should be able to loosen it by keeping the hair dryer close to the tape and moving it back and forth.

To remove the remaining adhesive, use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone and a cotton swab to avoid damaging the paper.


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