This Genius Heel Instantly Transform Into A Flat Sandal When Your Feet Need A Break

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Who doesn’t love heels?

They can be sexy, elegant, professional, and powerful. But anyone who’s spent any time in heels also knows that they can be damn right uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there’s a game-changing shoe that solves all of our heel struggles.

The Pashionista Shoe

Pashion Footwear is a company determined to solve the footwear conundrums of the modern woman:

“For decades, women have been asked to choose–between style or comfort, a career or a relationship, a social life or motherhood and so much more,” the website reads. “Pashion believes in empowering women to choose everything. Do not sacrifice any aspect of what you want your life to be–you can have it all, do it all, be it all.”

Pashion’s solution to empowering women to choose everything—at least when it comes to footwear? A convertible heel.

How It All Started

The 20-something-year-old CEO was dancing barefoot at a party (after tossing off her heels) when her foot was impaled by someone else’s stiletto. This led her to think, “There’s gotta be a better way.” And so she went about designing a shoe that could go from a heel to a flat and back again.

Basically, the heel portion of the shoe is removable. Once it’s removed, you just replace it with a heel cap to create a flat.

The result is a shoe that works for any occasion. Wear it to weddings, and remove the heel once the dance party kicks off. Wear the flat version on your way to work, then quickly transition to heels once you arrive at the office. Take them on your next vacay, and save yourself some suitcase space by packing this two-in-one shoe. 

Various Styles And Colors

Pashion offers this convertible heel in various different styles–from closed toed shoes to open toed shoes. You can also choose from multiple heel height options and designs. 

Even better, the convertible shoe has some pretty glowing reviews, so you know what you’re getting is good.

What To Shop The Pashion Shoe?

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