This Is How Many Women H.H. Holmes Was Really Married To When He Died

H.H. Holmes married his first wife at a young age. At 16 years old, he did odd jobs for various people and it was then when he met Clara Lovering, the daughter of his employer. The two formed a relationship and eloped when they were both 17 years old (via Biographics). Their union was kept secret and they lived apart for a while before eventually revealing that they were married, and soon after, Clara gave birth to their first child. Holmes pursued a medical career and settled in different places, while the mother and son lived with Clara’s parents.

By 1886, Holmes was living the life of a single man. Despite still being married to Clara, he courted and married Myrta Belknap. It was after the marriage that Holmes decided to file for divorce from his first wife. He prepared the papers and sent them to Clara, but she never received them and as a result, the divorce was never finalized, according to History Collection. Myrta gave birth to a daughter in 1889 as Holmes established a successful business in Chicago. He got married yet again in 1894, this time to Georgiana Yoke. Aside from having three wives, Holmes was reported to have had a few mistresses, some of whom became his murder victims.

H.H. Holmes was apprehended in late 1894 and was executed by hanging in 1896. At the time of his death, he was still officially married to the three women.


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