This Is The Song In The Galaxy Z Fold Commercial

Imagine Dragons has been making us a believer of product marketing for quite a while now. At the height of it’s popularity in 2017, “Believer” was credited on big name commercials including Nintendo Switch’s Super Bowl ad, the Jeep Celebration event features a name drop adding to the list of 32 syncs, or commercial uses of the song, as of November 2017 (via Variety).

The Minecraft Microsoft Surface release features “Thunder” which had been synched 19 times, and Jeep’s “Drive and Discover” campaign has Dan Reynolds singing, “I was dreaming/Of bigger things,” in the background. You’ll even find Chris Hemsworth running around to make us believers in the 2017 BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum commercial during this same time period (via TV Ad Songs UK).

And this success doesn’t stop with just the one single. Imagine Dragons simply spells commercial success in advertising. Jeep is so enamored with this band that they have released yet another campaign in 2021, featuring the Imagine Dragons song “Discover” (via Aban Commercials).

As for Samsung, it seems clear they’ve found an already successful commercial formula to build on. We can hope this phone lives up to the hype, and makes a believer out of us all.

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