This Is Us Creator Dan Fogelman Talks Seriously Emotional Scenes

This Is Us creator, and Dan Fogelman and actor Sterling K. Brown both spilled plenty about the finale Season 6 of the NBC show. And one thing that comes across loud and clear, is that fans need to have their tissue boxes ready. Dan spilled that it’s so emotional that when he pitched it to the execs via Zoom, they cried. In fact, some of them needed to switch off their cameras.

This Is Us Spoilers – Star Sterling K. Brown Promised A Satisfying Conclusion

Sterling K. Brown seemed determined that the popular series would end right, In fact, he made comparisons to the totally unsatisfactory ending of Game of Thrones. Apparently, he shaded the creators of Game of Thrones and said, “After I watched the finale of Game of Thrones, I said to Dan Fogelman, ‘Dan, we gotta do better. We gotta stick the landing.”  While NBC fans might not get the ending they hope for, it at least sounds like they can take some satisfaction with the conclusion. Additionally, he noted that fans should expect some humor and loads of tears.

Later, after he caused so much confusion, he said, “Studio informed me that there’s confusion and asked if I wanted to clarify that this is not the title of our first episode.”  Well, now he talks about the extremely emotional pitch that he did, he’s not being cryptic at all, so load up with those tissue boxes.

This Is Us Spoilers – Season 6 Pitch Led To Tears Claims Dan Fogelman

NBC fans know that the finale season of the show took a lot of planning. Actually, Dan started thinking about it three years ago. Speaking with Deadline this week, he talked about how it all becomes so emotional, he could hardly cope. The outlet noted, “Dan Fogelman said he brought studio execs to tears during a Season 6 story pitch meeting on Zoom.” More than that, he talked about how he also cried while writing the show. Actually, he noted that the first time he cried during writing came back when William died.

This Is Us execs apparently felt so moved by the pitch on Zoom, that they started crying. Dan described how they started turning off their cameras, so he thought he was losing them. However, it seems that he kept on going and he never lost the execs on his storyline for Season 6. Perhaps being so distressed that they felt the need to switch off cameras attests to the quality of the finale.

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