This Is What’s Next For Lani and Eli

Lani Price and Eli Grant are oh, so happy now, with their marriage, their jobs, their adorable twins. But DAYS spoilers speculate that this is just to set us up for something major coming down the line.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Warning Signs

After all, there are a few things that can shock these two and have an impact on their marriage and family. What will that shocker be? Days of our Lives fans predict it will be the following:

Mama Mia

Exactly half of you, 50%, are speculating that the truth will come out about Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) being Lani’s (Sal Stowers) birth mother. This will cause major problems with Lani and Paulina, major problems with Lani and Abe Carver (James Reynolds), and, inevitably, major problems with Lani and Eli (Lamon Archey). Eli made peace with his long-lost father’s family. How will he react when Lani doesn’t want to do the same with hers? An organic conflict for a down-to-earth couple.

DAYS Spoilers: Crime Busters

They’re both cops, right, 37% of the audience ventures, let them solve some crimes together! Pursuing justice is the best way to keep a couple on the front burner without introducing a third party or breaking them up. And these two are perfectly situated for a story where they team up, suit up, and live it up! As for the babies, eh, Salem kids can pretty much take care of themselves until it’s time to start dating. Which should be in about a year or so.

Grow Up

That’s exactly what we were thinking, 13% chime in. Age Carver and Jules, maybe not quite to the teenage level, but at least to an age where they can talk. Maybe one of them will overhear Aunt Paulina talking to herself about being their Big Mama. Maybe another one of them will make a pact with the Devil. We could do a Salem version of The Omen or the Excorcist. Why should grown-ups have all the devilish fun?

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