This Lego “ManDeLorean” Is Star Wars Hilarity At Its Finest

The pun has been made since The Mandalorian was first announced — Mandalorian, a DeLorean car, it’s just too perfect! Imagining Din Djarin and Grogu cruising through space in the car made famous by Back to the Future is just too good not to enjoy. Now someone has brought that scene to life using Legos and Star Wars fans can’t get enough.

Reddit user Jeremyverburg shared their hilarious photo of the build on /r/StarWars and got over 10.1k upvotes for the hilarity with fans chiming in with their own bits of humor to make the joke all the more hilarious.

As mentioned, the fan reactions added their own level of hilarity to the proceedings.

Sorry Marvel fans, looks like Reddit did it better.

And the puns just got more powerful!

Seriously, we think this might be worth doing a full-on Mandalorian spin-off for! Or at least maybe get a reference in a future Lego Star Wars film.


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