This Mavericks-Spurs trade is focused on Thaddeus Young

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The Dallas Mavericks have been in NBA trade rumors recently because they could be looking to retool the roster a bit. The focus lately has been placed on Goran Dragic and Lauri Markkanen, but momentum has slowed. Could they turn their attention elsewhere to a player like Thaddeus Young?

Kristaps Porzingis has been at the forefront of these NBA trade rumors but he would not be on the move in a deal such as this one. There are other options for the franchise in the San Antonio Spurs could come trade partners.

The Mavericks originally brought Porzingis to town in hopes of becoming playoff contenders. That has happened over the last couple years but they have been unable to advance out of the first round.

Porzingis has grown unhappy with his current situation and could be used as an asset moving forward. This is not as big of a deal, Dallas can look to balance out the rotation a bit more in hopes of advancing in the playoffs.

The Spurs are another team that has struggled to find success in recent years. They have missed the postseason in each of the last two years, which is uncommon with this franchise.

Now, the Spurs should be open to any possibility moving forward. They have been linked to some big trade involving their young talent for this would be a deal they can build around it.

The Mavericks and Spurs could link up for a trade that would help outside right away. Let’s take a look at what the potential deal might look like this offseason.

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