This Morning viewers gobsmacked by model’s ‘alien’ face after fillers as she says she’ll ‘never stop’ getting injections

THIS Morning viewers have been left horrified by a model’s “alien” face after she transformed herself with plastic surgery.

Anastasia Pokreschuk, 32, describes herself as a “beautiful monster” and explained that she’s happy with her features after undergoing filler all over her face.


This Morning viewers were gobsmacked by this Ukrainian model’s faceCredit: 3
Anastasia thinks she looked like a 'hamster' before getting fillers


Anastasia thinks she looked like a ‘hamster’ before getting fillersCredit: 3

“I don’t like my face [before surgery], I look like a hamster because my cheeks was here and I wanted them higher,” the model and psychology graduate from Kiev, Ukraine, said.

“I have Botox, fillers in my cheeks, fillers in my lips, fillers in my jaw angles and my chin.”

Anastasia says she was “never inspired” by celebrities to turn to surgery and vows she’ll “never stop” getting injections in her face.

“I understand this is extraordinary but I am happy with this look,” she told an open-mouthed Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on today’s This Morning.

“Really using the word *model* loosely. Alien would have been more fitting,” one viewer tweeted.

“Honestly, I’ve seen some very popular businesses that offer these treatments put ads on their social media of women with jaw fillers and cheek fillers that make their faces so angular, they look like The Mask!” another added.

“These doctors/surgeons are honestly psychopaths. How can you be proud to continue distorting someone else’s face like that,” a third wrote.

Other viewers on Twitter compared Anastasia’s face to horror film characters including Jigsaw from Saw and the masked characters from The Purge.

Dr Steven Harris, an aesthetic doctor, explained that he considers her face to be “overtreated” and says he wouldn’t do fillers to that extent.

“Looking at her objectively from a professional point of view she does appear to be overtreated,” he said.

“We have a built-in mechanism and we become immediately aware when someone is overtreated.

“The look becomes exaggerated or distorted or outside the normal for the individual.”

She wanted defined cheekbones and kept getting more filler


She wanted defined cheekbones and kept getting more fillerCredit: 3
But she insists she's happy with her exaggerated look


But she insists she’s happy with her exaggerated lookCredit: 3

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