This nun puts out a TikTok video on her skincare routine; gets viral soon after

A nun on TikTok explained her skincare routine and tips—and people are obsessed.

Sister Claudette Powell, 55, who wittily goes by @nunsenseforthepeople on the platform, posted a video in response to some comments she received on her videos wanting her to “drop the skincare routine.”

Captioned, “I thought people would be asking questions about transubstantiation and Gregorian chant, but the ladies want the nunly skincare tips,” Sister Powell had this to say in the video:

“A bunch of really nice ladies have left comments on here saying that they think I look a lot younger than I am, and I just want to say thank you. That’s really nice,’ she begins.

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When it comes to an actual skincare routine, she admits that she “doesn’t really have one.”

“I think I probably have a few less wrinkles than some people my age because I don’t go out in the sun,” she said.

Sister Powell also notes that since the late 1990s, she hasn’t been able to go out in the sun and experiences “migraines” from it.

“If I go out in the sun, I have to have a sunshade or an umbrella or something,” which she says as to the “eccentric Mary Poppins” vibe that she portrays.

Before becoming a nun, she also mentions being in the photography business. So whenever she shoots content for her platform, she shoots in a particular location that has both “good lighting” and “low lighting.”

“Low lighting is a girl’s best friend,” she said as the text over screen reads, “I look fantastic in pitch darkness.”

But what products does Sister Powell use on her skin? “Baby stuff.”

“I’ve never used beauty products because I think it’s a rip-off and because I’m really cheap. I was very cheap even before I became a nun,” she said.

She also says that her skin is very sensitive and happens to be allergic to “almost everything on Earth,” so she washes her face once a day.

“I have to use things like that Aveeno oatmeal body wash/ shampoo that you get in the baby department,” she adds.

Towards the end of the video, she recaps all of her tips: “Carry a parasol, shoot in low-light, and used baby stuff on your skin.”

People in the video comments seem to want to switch over their skincare routine after being blessed with the simple and affordable clear skin secret.

“Queen of clear skin, low lighting, being 55, and being pious,” someone wrote.

“There’s something to be said about no son and gentle products! I’ll take that low-light tip!

Someone else jokingly said, “It’s because you’ve been living without men,” to which sister Powell commented with a bunch of crying laughing emojis.

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