This Person Organizes Their Fridge Using Binders

Messy fridge? No problem!

There are plenty of refrigerator organizing ideas online that will spruce up your fridge to its former glory, ensuring that your food remains fresh and your shelves tidy.

But one TikTok user took her fridge decluttering to the next level—it would even make Marie Kondo feel uncomfortable. 

A Refrigerator Of Nightmares

Similar to something straight out of a serial killer documentary, TikTok user @Upcycle revealed a pristine fridge full of black binders. However, viewers soon realized these weren’t your average binders, but food binders. 

@Upcycle takes viewers on a speedy tour, showcasing their bizarre set of labeled binders while “Sandwich” by Price Jackpot plays in the background.

Among some of the labels, we see sandwiches, drinks, meat, breakfast, vegetables, leftovers, fruit, and desserts.

Although Upcycle’s meal planning-like system goes above and beyond, it still feels undeniably creepy. One creeped-out commenter said, “I feel like sociopaths do this like what is this?” Another viewer echoed similar feelings by saying, “Gives me serial killer vibe.”

But it gets worse. The TikToker reaches for the sandwich binder, and inside of it is shocking. All the ingredients one would need to assemble a sandwich are kept in the binder’s pockets. However, what’s even stranger is that each pocket only has one ingredient. In addition to a lone pepperoni slice, viewers see random kinds of cheese, prepackaged single-serve condiments, and, oddly enough, one mini pretzel. 

So, what else are folks saying about this wild way of fridge organization? Well, people have very strong opinions.

The Final Consensus On Food Binders

The consensus seems to be that binders should be used for organizing papers, not food. Commenters indicated that this stunt struck them as odd, if not insane. Moreover, Redditors on DiWHY speculate that this TikToker may be having some issues.

“Imagine walking in on the love of your life, sliding pepperoni into a binder at 2 am. Not an attractive look,” love_and_monsters commented.

LexPossum responded, “Sounds like a midlife crisis, except the person is actually going insane instead of making financial decisions.”

Even though @Upcycle’s food binder makes us shudder, we recognize that it is a piece of art. At least, we hope it is.

On TikTok, one commenter noted, “Now this is art, I see it as a representation of diet culture and those who diet count.” Others said it resembled a joke or reminded them of a Spongebob Squarepants episode.

Regardless, we’re kind of bummed we didn’t get a peek inside the drink binder. That would have been crazy!


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