This Skincare Line Fights Menopausal Skin And Reviewers Are Stunned By The Quick Results

The pros definitely outweigh the cons of getting older. You may be feeling more confident than you’ve ever been in your decision-making and in your own skin. You may be settled in your career, home life or relationships. Or, you may be starting fresh, but with a different outlook and loads of experience. There are so many things to appreciate as you age. 

However, one thing that isn’t so amazing is having to figure out new skincare products that work for your new skin. It’s a journey, and it can be stressful. Because let’s face it, the facial masks and lotions you used in your early 20s properly aren’t suited for your current skin.

Caire Beauty understands that. That’s why the brand has uniquely crafted a line of products intentionally made for 40+ skin.

All About Skincare And Aging 

According to Caire Beauty, skin structure starts to weaken as estrogen starts to decline. This can mean adult acne, lines around the forehead, eyes, and neck and under-eye sagging. This starts at around the age of 40; long before menopause. Yikes! 

That’s why co-founders Celeste and Lorrie founded the company on the principle of helping those with mature skin (particularly women over 40); with science-backed, PhD-formulated and hormone-defying skincare.  

The Defiance Science Duo: Serum And Mask

Caire Beauty’s best selling products are the Theorem Serum Boost and the Tripple Lift Molecule Mask, and it’s no surprise as to why. With results including smoother skin after the first use and increased firmness around four weeks, 100% of reviewers recommend it. That’s right, 100%.

And if you don’t believe us, take it from these happy customers. They’re quite convincing.

“What do I do for my skin? Caire Beauty, of course. Since using the Caire Serum and Mask, my skin is soft, plump and smooth (plus, no more menopausal acne).” –Award-Winning Celebrity Chef, Carla Hall

“I love Caire’s Defiance Science Duo! The mask and serum have been a skincare game-changer in reversing the effect of hormonal shifts on my skin. My face looks visibly firmer and hydrated. What started as a trial is now vital. I’m now a subscriber.” –Andrea

“By far the best skincare products I’ve ever used! My face is clearer and my skin tone is more even. I also have a beautiful glow. These products are AMAZING! Kudos to Lorrie and Celeste for creating a skincare line for 40+ women!” –Kelly

“I love how the serum feels when I apply it to my face and hands. It is rapidly absorbed, [has] no odor, [is] nonsticky and I feel it protects my skin. When I used the mask, I could really feel it tightening my face. Would definitely order again.” –Lilybeth

According to Caire, using the mask and serum together is ideal. The mask should be used twice a week and the serum twice a day for best results.

Want To Try Out The Defiance Science Duo?

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