This sweet exchange between two strangers will melt your heart

The video captures strangers bonding over packets of chips.

The Internet is a great place to find feel-good videos which often make people happy. One such feel-good video was shared on the Instagram page Nextdoor. It involves two strangers bonding over packets of chips. Chances are, this video will leave you smiling. It may also prompt you to share this clip with others.

“2018 was a simpler time,” reads the caption of the post. It highlights how before the pandemic, people interacted with one another without worrying about the social distancing rules. The video was originally shared on TikTok.

The video opens to show two strangers, a man and a woman, in a parking lot, with their cars parked next to each other. Both of them are sitting in the driver seats. The man is seen observing the woman in another car, who is enjoying her packet of chips. The man then rolls down his windows, and calls her. He gives her a thumbs up and shows her his packet of chips. The woman tells him she had tried it, and then steps out of the car to offer him some from her packet. Impressed with the flavour, the man tells her “oh my god, this is too good”. He further mentions to her “I am glad that we are having this moment”.

Take a look at this heart-warming video:


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The video was uploaded about 9 hours ago. Since then, it has received 9,000 likes. It has also accumulated varied comments. “What an incredible moment. Thanks for sharing,” wrote one Instagram user with a heart emoticon. “Beautiful moment,” posted another. “I love this!!!,” remarked a third.

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