This TikTok Account Dedicated to Met Gala Lipreading Is Everything

There are some TikTok accounts that just pop up by chance and remind you why you downloaded the app in the first place. Case in point: one that’s dedicated to fake celebrity lipreading at the 2021 Met Gala.

You don’t even need to care about the event or, honestly, the celebrities featured in each TikTok video, to go totally gaga over the clips yourself.

So, what’s up with the Met Gala lipreading account on TikTok?

The account, from user Kysthalimit, popped up on Sept. 14, 2021 with a video of Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross that has so far reached more than 970,000 views. In the short video, Tracee is shown on the red carpet talking to photographers.

Kysthalimit uses her own interpretation of what the actress is saying to go along with the otherwise muted video. And it’s amazing.

Source: TikTok

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In fact, the comments under the Tracee videos and the other few on the account show just how much other TikTok users are eating it up. One user commented that there’s no way Tracee isn’t actually saying what Kysthalimit says through her fake lipreading act.

Another user commented that they are totally “committed” to Kysthalimit’s Met Gala series. And if the creator decides to, she could garner even more attention with similar bad lipreadings for other big celebrity events.

There’s even a video of Kim Kardashian in her all-black outfit, where Kysthalimit speaks with a muffled sound to illustrate how Kim might sound if she tried to talk through the fabric wrapped around her head.

In the span of just two days, the TikTok account has already amassed almost 2.5 million likes and 78,000 followers. And that’s with only five videos.

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