This TikTok Video of a Karen harassing a woman Over Her Sports Bra is viral

Viral TikTok footage shows a “Karen” harassing a woman and her family at the park for working out and dressing “inappropriately.”

The woman can be seen in the video hanging from her legs off a set of monkey bars while using a hula hoop. She’s dressed in a pair of Nike shorts and a white shirt that slipped down a bit—because she was hanging upside down—revealing part of her sports bra underneath. Apparently, the outfit was too much for Karen to handle.

Footage of the incident, posted by Getti or @gettishow on TikTok, shows Karen yelling and waving her arms at Getti.

“Everybody around here can see this; you’re half-naked,” the Karen shouts. Getti tries to continue using her hula hoop, but Karen encroaches on her space and tries to grab the hoop. Then they shout “what are you doing” at each other while Getti’s husband tries to intervene by asking Karen to leave.

The Karen goes on a rant about how the park is for families and how it’s not OK to be “half-naked up there.” Meanwhile, the person filming the video says Getti comes to the park regularly to exercise like this, and “it’s a normal thing.”

When Karen notices Getti’s son also filming, she blows up about how everyone’s always on “the TikTok.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this in our neighborhood park with almost no clothing,” she yells. “That is totally revealing.”

At that point, Getti appears to finally get pissed off, snapping “stop talking” to Karen and telling her son to keep filming because she’s going to put music over the yelling.

The shouting match continues until Karen snatches Getti’s hula hoop and throws it on the ground. Then the person filming the video stepped forward to try to mitigate the conflict, but Karen turned on him too, asking why he was filming before going back to yelling at Getti.

Still dramatically waving her arms, Karen asked, “why do you have to wear revealing clothing for working out?” to which Getti snapped back, “you’re wearing revealing clothing yourself.”

The Karen was dressed in a knee-length, form-fitting skirt and partly sheer blouse with a low neckline.

But apparently, Karen didn’t like the tables turned on her, grabbed the hula hoop, and threw it across the park.

“Find somewhere else to bare your belly,” she snapped.

Getti and her husband were taken aback and decided to leave.

Getti said she was “still shaken by this” in the TikTok’s caption, but not all viewers were buying it. Several commented that the entire altercation was staged, but Getti assured them it was “no joke.”


Real or not, other viewers couldn’t believe that a woman’s stomach could cause such an outburst.

“I could never imagine someone’s stomach is more harmful to a child than her behavior and language,” one viewer commented.

Another asked, “Ever been to a beach or swimming pool?”

“‘Little kids can see you’re good and, they’ll think she’s cool as hell for being able to hula hoop UPSIDE DOWN!!” someone else wrote.

Getti did not immediately respond to the DC’s request for comment via TikTok comment.


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