This TikTok video of a man with Alzheimer’s finding out her daughter is pregnant is viral on the internet

In one of his lucid moments, a senior citizen stricken with Alzheimer’s bawled his eyes out as his loving daughter told him about the new miracle that would be entering into his life.

Not long ago, Olivia Salza and Nick Salza found out they were having a baby after trying and repeatedly receiving negative results. However, when Olivia had to undergo surgery, they had to cancel it.

The reason being that she was two months pregnant. Of course, Olivia and the father-to-be were over the moon, but no one matched their joy as much as Olivia’s father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

You can watch the video here

Taking to TikTok, the newly pregnant woman visited her dad while he was lying on a hospital bed. Luckily, her father recognized her, and when she broke the news, he was completely taken aback with teary eyes, as Olivia expressed in the description:

“Telling my dad who has Alzheimer’s that we’re pregnant after a 3 year fertility struggle. ❤️”

The post has gone completely viral. There is a whopping amount of just under 643,000 likes and almost 10,000 comments.

The comment section was filled with love, with many individuals stating that they were crying along with the upcoming grandpa. One wrote that they wish he were their parent.

A group of students paid a sweet tribute to a veteran, who was touched by the gesture. 

More videos were posted on Facebook. One is of Olivia informing him that he is seen as TikTok’s father now and asking him what he wants to say to the viewers, to which he responded that he loves and believes in all of them.

In one of the clips, the mother-to-be also asks her dad what guidance he has for Nick concerning his journey through fatherhood. Her dad responded:

“Be tender. Be loving. Make it a whole family.”

He also emphasized that they should keep in touch with their faith, never losing their connection to God. Olivia’s father advised that Nick should always remain close to his creator.

Just as Olivia’s dad brought many commenters to tears, many times, elderly individuals showing their emotions causes a strong reaction in many people. In one case, a group of students paid a sweet tribute to a veteran, who was touched by the gesture.

The students did so by singing an impromptu national anthem to 82-year-old Roy Fred Blackburn, who served in the U.S. Navy for six years. While celebrating Veterans day at a restaurant, the children all stood up and began singing.

The veteran quickly put his cap to his chest and hugged each student one by one after the song ended. If anyone deserves compassion and respect from society, it’s the senior citizens whose wisdom outdoes all.

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