This TikTok Video Of Woman confronting her sister’s coworker who touched her is going viral

In a TikTok posted on Sept. 10, TikTok user @alexandriadaniell2 is seen confronting her little sister’s coworker at IHOP. In the video’s overlay text, @alexandriadaniell2 wrote that the male coworker had touched her sister, 19 while working at the restaurant.

“If you ever put your hands, touch, or look at my little sister again, I will beat the fuck out of you,” @alexandriadaniell2 says. “Don’t touch her, don’t look at her, don’t smell her.”

@alexandriadaniell2 tells him he made her sister feel uncomfortable when he tried to kiss her.

In a follow-up video, @alexandriadaniell2 shows screenshots of texts between her and her mother, who filed a police report on the man and made sure he was fired from IHOP.

“My mom was able to find his extensive record in three clicks,” @alexandriadaniell2 wrote in the caption of the video.

In another follow-up video, @alexandriadaniell2 shows her sister and says that the man is much larger.

“Did you ask him not to touch you?” asks @alexandriadaniell2.

“Yes, multiple times,” responds her sister.

“Did he continue to touch you?” asks @alexandriadaniell2. Her sister says yes.

Commenters on @alexandriadaniell2’s videos rallied behind her and her sister in support.

“She can be 90, and if she didn’t say you can touch her, don’t touch her,” commented xjoselinnx.

“Damn right, sis,” wrote @ms_unpredictable. “Protect yours.”

“Can we talk about how common this occurs in the workplace?” commented @iyanimarieexo.

According to a report from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and Forward Together, the restaurant industry is “the single largest source of sexual harassment claims in the U.S.” Restaurant workers that took part in the report said that sexual harassment is considered “kitchen talk” and becomes normalized in their workplaces.

Others in the comments shared their experiences with workplace sexual harassment.

“I work at a warehouse with majority men,” wrote @j.dxll. “Still feel uncomfortable sometimes.”

The DC has reached out to @alexandriadaniell2 via a TikTok comment. Unfortunately, IHOP did not immediately respond to Dc’s request for comment via email.


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