This Video Of Groom Asking Two Young Girls If He Could Adopt Them Before His Wedding With Their Mother Is Going Viral

Last month, a groom brought tears to the eyes of his guests when he asked two young girls a special question. His vows were not only for the bride but for his entire family. 

In an emotional video, a groom surprised everyone when he reached the altar. His attention was not only focused on his soon-to-be wife but also on her daughters. The groom beautifully asked them if he could adopt them as his own.

The Detroit, Michigan groom offered Abigail, 9, and Natalie, 8, an adoption proposal amid tears. Dontez Williams and his gesture visibly moved the girls. The encounter took place last month at the San Marino Club.

In a surprise proposal, a groom asks his bride’s daughters if he can adopt them and causes them to become emotional | Photo: Instagram/handsome_is_me


In the video, the stepfather expressed: “I have transitioned from a stepfather to a father to these girls and love them dearly.” He added that while they were not his biological kids, not even blood would bring them any closer than they were.

His vow to become their official father was special and meant a lot to the girls and their mother, Myshella Burton. Williams had spoken with Burton before the ceremony and asked her if he could go ahead with the surprise adoption.


The stepfather got the idea after seeing various adoption videos online. The girls were stunned by Williams’ words and never saw it coming. He stated that he wasn’t surprised by their reaction to the unexpected proposal.

He expressed:

“I knew if it was bringing emotion out of me, it was going to bring emotion out of them – especially Abigail, who is the more emotional one.”


Williams said it was a very sensitive issue for the girls, so he understood that it meant a lot. According to the stepfather, once the girls realized what was happening, it became the moment they waited for “all their life.”

Williams also had a message for other fathers. He encouraged them to show emotion and expressed that children need their dads. He said: “There are good men out there who will step up when the other parent is absent.


By sharing the special adoption moment, he wanted to show people the importance of “companionship and respect, even to children.” The father’s gesture also touched netizens.

One user wrote: “Man, we are crying with y’all.” Another lauded Williams and added: “You stepped in and stepped up! Congratulations, Dad.”


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