This Video Of Man Trolling Pro-Lifers By Singing “Rick & Morty” by Soulja Boy is Going Viral on TikTok

A video posted on Sept. 11 of a man trolling pro-lifers is going viral on TikTok with over 700,000 views and 165,000 likes.

In the video, user @virgobb records a man singing “Rick & Morty” by Soulja Boy at a woman. The woman is wearing a sign that says “It’s not too late to change your mind” while waving at passing cars. The man is also holding a sign, but the text is not visible.

It is unclear from the video where the interaction is taking place, but the on-screen text, which reads “singing rick and morty until prolifers stop bothering women,” suggests that it is happening in front of an abortion clinic.

This is not the first time @virgobb has trolled pro-life protestors. In the TikToker’s previous video, she told a woman holding a 40 Days For Life sign that she has “ligma” after the woman expressed concern for her limp. In another video, she plays “Deep Throat” by CupcakKe and asks if the pro-lifers recording her would like her to pose.

Many call @virgobb a “queen” for her videos, and the comment section has dubbed the man singing “Rick & Morty” a “hero.” Others, however, commented that the pro-life woman wasn’t bothering or harassing anyone.

“‘Bothering women’ while she’s literally just standing out there,” user @danimgacek wrote.

The TikToker mockingly wrote “but they loOk sO niCe” in the caption of an older video where a woman was “comparing murdering a 10-year-old to having an abortion,” which suggests that those critical comments are made often. “The caption is meant specifically for people who say [pro-lifers] look ‘sweet’ or are so ‘nice,’” @virgobb said in the comments.

In the comments of the Rick & Morty video, users are following the TikToker’s example and “singing” at pro-lifers or people who sympathize with the woman in the comments. Several replies under comments like @danimgacek’s just say “Rick and morty” repeatedly. Other commenters joke that pro-lifers have nothing better to do.


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