Viral TikTok Hack Shows You’ve Been Opening Ketchup Packets Wrong Your Whole Life

This Viral TikTok Hack Shows You've Been Opening Ketchup Packets Wrong Your Whole Life

If you’ve ever struggled with dipping your fries in ketchup while in a car, here’s a TikTok hack about how to open ketchup packets that will probably change your life.

TikToker @cookiterica posted a video that shows a way of tearing ketchup packets down the entirety of the long side instead of just ripping it open at the top.

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After that, instead of squeezing out the ketchup onto something like you typically would, grab both ends of the packet and push them towards each other slightly to make a little pouch.

Then you can easily dip your fries into it!

Before you tear open the packet, make sure to squish the ketchup over to one side or else you’ll probably end up with a ketchup explosion instead of a ketchup pouch that’s perfect for dipping.

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