This viral TikTok video shows Tinder users taking a ride to rich areas to get wealthy match

Dating in the ‘Tinder-era’ is difficult as it is – but dating during Covid times has added an even bigger hurdle.

This prompted a new ‘creative’ – and perhaps, questionable – approach to using dating apps. A new Tinder trend has taken over TikTok, that shows daters driving out to rich areas and resetting their location to fit a 1-kilometre radius – all in hopes of swiping-right on a wealthy suitor.

You can watch the video here.

With an impressive million views, @alyssapleizier takes to TikTok in a video captioned, ‘Gonna need a boat boy for yacht girl summer.’

Lyss explained, “Parking in a rich neighbourhood and setting my Tinder to a 1KM radius”  which sent stunned TikTok users wild.

One branded Lyss a “genius.”

“Girl woke up and chose to be a genius”, she commented.

While another claimed that their friend is now married from this Tinder ‘trick.’

She said, “Friend of mine did this in Bev Hills and opened Grindr. He is now married and no longer works. Miracles happen.”

A third got extra-innovative and said, “I do that by the hospital… rich doctors!”

From London to Miami, TikTokkers across the globe soon caught on to the Tinder trend and wanted to try it out for themselves.

Therese Ryan (@thereseryan12) took to TikTok in a video simply titled, “Let’s try this!”

It has since been flooded with thousands of curious comments from fellow TikTok users.

“Work smarter, not harder”, one said in admiration.

While another added, “You just beat the system”.

While it’s unclear if the TikTokkers got their happy ever after, kudos to their innovative methods.

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