This walrus that belly-flopped its way onto a boat has become an internet sensation

A viral clip made the rounds on Twitter that shows a gigantic walrus climbing aboard an anchored boat.

Posted on August 31, the hilarious footage has racked up an impressive 607K views along with thousands of retweets. The 30-second clip shows the walrus struggling and flapping in a desperate attempt to take over an empty boat – and he eventually succeeds.

“Maybe he just wanted to cool down”, a woman can be heard saying in the background before pointing out the “beautiful cream chair”, as the mammal belly-flopped onto the boat.

Considering his struggle to hijack the boat, many Twitter users were concerned about how the walrus got himself back into the water.

One asked, “Just wondering… How did they get him out?

“May I assume they just waited it out until he was ready to leave on his own?”

In response, a video was posted which shows the walrus executing his escape by tilting the boat. “Why are we all so calm that he is getting out and we have no engine, and we’re literally ten feet away from him – holy moly”, the woman can be heard saying.

While it’s unclear where and who captured the incident, social media users claim the mammal to be Wally – the infamous boat-loving walrus – known for unintentionally damaging boats across the Irish coast.

According to the BBC, the 800kg walrus was first spotted in County Kerry in March. He has since been made waves across France, Spain and the UK.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) said he was sinking one or two boats in every harbour he entered and advised boat owners to remove their engines to protect them from damage.

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