This Wedding Planner on TikTok Reveals How She Witnessed a Groom’s Mother’s Attempt to Poison the Bride

A wedding planner narrated how a groom’s mother tried to poison her daughter-in-law in front of others and caused a scene.

Weddings are supposedly intimate and romantic events where two people celebrate their love. However, it is also an event where a lot of family drama takes place.

One wedding planner, Callie, who goes by the username @_cal_cifer, revealed a horrifying experience she witnessed while at work.

In her viral TikTok video, Callie narrated how the groom’s mother nearly killed her daughter-in-law by offering her food she’s severely allergic to. She said:

“So at a wedding I worked, the future mother-in-law tried to give a cupcake covered in coconut to the bride who was severely, deathly allergic to coconut.”

Fortunately, the groom was able to stop what could have been the worst possible scenario. He knew that his bride was allergic to coconut and was beyond shocked that his mother would feed her the dessert.

For about 15 seconds, the room was silent, with the groom staring at his mom with his mouth wide open. Meanwhile, the bride looked terrified at what just happened, and the mother acted as if nothing happened.

Suddenly, the groom was raging mad, threw the cupcake on the floor, and began screaming at his mother. According to Callie, he said:

“You are a terrible person. You have never been supportive of this relationship. This is a new low even for you. You could have sent her to the hospital…”

With no remorse, his mother looked him in the eye and said that accidents occur all the time. She went back to her seat, got her things, and left the wedding.

According to the woman, she was willing to pay $1,000 for anyone who would be the mother-in-law’s date for the Hudson Valley wedding.

Callie’s video has been viewed over one million times and received over a thousand comments, many of whom agreed that the mother-in-law was a psychopath.

One comment shared a possible scenario had the mother-in-law succeeded in her plan. “‘Accidents happen everyday,’ until ‘It’s so sad she passed, darling. But I told you she wasn’t right for you,’” one user said.

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