This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

It’s New Music Friday, which means a bunch of new tunes that were released too late for our annual Song Of The Summer playlist. Better luck next season Lizzo, the Killers, and Jon Snow.



#3  Brian Lizarraga Lynch
Score:-45 | Aug 10th

Clearly the people downvoting you haven’t seen the videos coming out of France where the police are just roaming the streets making people show their “papers”. Nope, not at all reminiscent of Germany back in the day. Mainly, because their shirts aren’t brown. And it’s not like the NFL is making unvaccinated players wear yellow stars, as if they’re in concentration camps. It’s just yellow wristbands. Totally different.

Posted in: Jason Isbell Cancels Houston Show Because Venue Won’t Comply With Vaccine Policy
#2  gotknives
Score:-52 | Aug 9th

I love Brian May, but does being and “actual astrophysicist” make him a medical doctor or expert? The arrogance of people like May and the lemmings who write these articles and make these sarcastic and condescending comments based on a persons bad reaction to one of these vaccines…what happened to all the “speak your truth” or “if it saves one life” bullshit? Y’all don’t give a fuck about any of those things unless it aligns with your own views, and when it doesn’t, y’all take great satisfaction in shitting all over people you’ve decided are beneath you. Y’all need to be knocked down a few pegs.

Posted in: Queen’s Brian May Says That He Respects Eric Clapton But That Clapton’s Vaccine Beliefs Are “In The Fruitcake Jar”
#1  ymijon
Score:-55 | Aug 10th

Hey Jason, couple questions for ya, since I figure you’ll know the answer: When you hold your arm straight out to “salute”, at what angle do you hold it, 45? Just wondering if you are trying to mirror any more customs from a certain European country between 1933-1945. Also, do George “S” and Bill “G” pay via direct deposit, or is there a bag drop? And lastly, have you decided what to change your name to? I hear the finalists are Black and Decker, Craftsman, and Harbor Freight (I know that’s a tough choice since they’re all good tools, like yourself).

Posted in: Jason Isbell Cancels Houston Show Because Venue Won’t Comply With Vaccine Policy


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