This woman on TikTok reveals how her Boyfriend is paying her rent without knowing she’s the landlord

When a woman revealed she had been charging her boyfriend to stay in the building she secretly owned, netizens were divided by her confession, with people both applauding and condemning her actions. 

This month, a TikToker created quite a stir online when she confessed to keeping a big secret from her boyfriend, whom she had been living with for a year.

TikToker Jayne (@jaynedoee0) shared that her partner takes care of the rent and various other “major bills.” However, despite this, she chose to keep him in the dark about her own financial situation.


The woman claimed she was actually her boyfriend’s landlord. According to her, he had been paying rent directly to her every month because she is the owner of the building they reside in.

This effectively meant that Jayne had been bagging the rent money since they moved in. From the looks of her video, she wonders how he would react when he finds out.


Captioned: “Do y’all think he’ll be mad once he finds out?” the brief video also had a text overlay that detailed Jayne owned the building for 5 years already. Viewers were stunned, and many called her out.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker surprisingly seemed upset that her boyfriend found out about her viral confession.

One user said, “That’s so wrong. Show’s you’re just using him. Poor guy.” Another added to this and expressed, “If you have to scheme like this to be with your man, you’re sad.”


People also pointed out that there must be minimal trust in their relationship. However, with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes, the post garnered a lot of traffic, and not all of it was negative.

Online community members called the woman’s actions “smart” and encouraged more women to do the same. One user said, “TAKE NOTE, LADIES, THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE.”


Someone else expressed that the video made them laugh before they called Jayne “brilliant.” Users explained that her secret was a good way to safeguard herself if they ever broke up.

However, there were still people who saw the landlord’s actions as “morally wrong.” Regardless of the differing opinions, the truth was out, and people are curious about the couple’s relationship now.


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