Thoughtful man replaces girlfriend’s tatty sliders with real Gucci slippers & gets totally savaged for awkward oversight

IF we money were no object, we’d have a pair of Gucci slippers in every shade possible – but until we win the lottery, our Primark dupes are serving us just fine.

So for his girlfriend’s birthday this year, one thoughtful man decided to upgrade his partner’s knock-offs for the real thing.


The well-meaning boyfriend thought he’d surprise his girlfriend with a pair of designer shoesCredit: TikTok/@yooniebear0
He upgraded her well-worn sliders with this designer inspiration


He upgraded her well-worn sliders with this designer inspirationCredit: TikTok/@yooniebear0

Sounds like a lovely gesture right? Well people on TikTok aren’t quite so convinced.

Earlier this year, TikTok user YoonieBee shared a viral video of him throwing away his girlfriend’s well-loved shoes and going to a Gucci store to buy the replacements.

The clip – which has racked up over 720,000 “likes” – opens up with him donning a pair of gloves and using a litter picker to chuck the tatty sliders in the bin.

Heading to his local shopping centre, the man then films himself walking into the Gucci shop and dropping £560 on the leather designer slippers – famous for their buckle detail.


But rather than letting his girlfriend unwrap the beautiful shoes herself, the man thought it’d be funny to leave her present on the front doorstep instead – where she had left her old sliders.

Giving the camera a thumbs up, he wrote: “Hope she likes it.”

But while there’s no denying he went above and beyond with his present, people in the comments were absolutely fuming about his so-called “mistakes”.

“She will be mad you threw out her comfortable shoes,” one insisted.

Another added: “Man made so many mistakes while trying to do something nice.

“LOL throwing away the comfy ones, opening the box, treating the shoes like toxic waste….”

He chucked her old sliders in the bin


He chucked her old sliders in the binCredit: TikTok/@yooniebear0
But people in the comments thought he was out of order


But people in the comments thought he was out of orderCredit: TikTok/@yooniebear0

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “My husband threw out my crappiest shoes when we were in college.

“It’s been 25 years and I’m still mad.”

Urging the man to put the shoes back in their designer packaging, a fourth said: “Unboxing designer goods is 75% of the fun.”

Luckily for the birthday girl, her boyfriend did take on board one piece of criticism and filmed a follow-up video where he fished her old shoes out of the bin and giving them a thorough clean.

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