Thrifty mum shows off HUGE £100 Aldi haul that’ll feed family for weeks

EVEN though we constantly put off going to the supermarket, we have to admit – it’s pretty satisfying once you’ve got everything home.

Before packing away her mega Aldi shop last week, this mum-of-one decided to film a quick TikTok showing off her impressive supermarket shop.


The mum showed off her £103 shop that’ll feed her family-of-three for the monthCredit: TikTok
She bought four multipacks of crisps as part of her monthly food shop


She bought four multipacks of crisps as part of her monthly food shopCredit: TikTok

Along with three boxes of soft drinks, the haul – which set her back £103 – also consisted of four multi-packs of crisps and two sharing bags of chocolate.

To see her family-of-three through the month, the savvy mum also bought some biscuits, chocolate, chocolate-filled crepes, ice creams and toffee sauce to top any sweet treats.

That said, there was also plenty of fruit and beg included in the haul too – including a punnet of strawberries, bag of apples, bunch of bananas, carrots and some oranges too.

Replenishing her freezer stock, the mum picked up some fish burgers, chicken goujons, two packs of frozen pastries, bacon and cheese wraps and some kievs too.

As for sides, she also added in some frozen vegetables, garlic bread, cheesy mash and hash browns.

She captioned the clip: “Who else loves a huge food shop?”

Although the video prompted TikTok viewers to share their favourite Aldi bargains, people on Facebook were quick to blast the mum’s “unhealthy” snacks.

After the mum shared the clip on the Facebook group Aldi Shoppers UK, other members blasted the amount of “junk” she’d bought.

Meanwhile, another added: “I always feel a wee bit sad at these kinds of posts in case some poor soul hasn’t got much and could never buy loads at Aldi or anywhere else.

“Food banks are busier than ever. Count your blessings, I know I do.” 

In response to the criticism, the mum said: “Sorry if it offends anyone that i bought crisps…

“This is our monthly shop and these are treats for us. I already have plenty of nutritional food in and most of this will accompany those meals.

She also picked up three packs of soft drinks


She also picked up three packs of soft drinksCredit: TikTok
She picked up chocolate and biscuits - which people on Facebook branded 'junk'


She picked up chocolate and biscuits – which people on Facebook branded ‘junk’Credit: TikTok
The mum hit back at critics on Facebook


The mum hit back at critics on FacebookCredit: TikTok


“Please refrain from commenting if you’re just going to be rude, there is no need.”

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