Thrifty shopper bags mammoth Farmfoods chocolate haul in half price sale for £22 & boasts Christmas hampers are sorted

CHRISTMAS is forever creeping up on us and for some, getting ready for the festive season early is a must.

So much so, that one shopper was thrilled when they came across a huge half price sale on chocolate in a local Farmfoods store that was closing down.


One savvy shopper stocked up on chocolate in a bargain half price sale and boasts they’ve already got their Christmas hampers sortedCredit: Facebook

Eyeing up the sweet treats as the perfect filler for festive hampers for their loved ones, the shopper stocked up on a mammoth haul of chocolate and sweets.

Their bargain buys including everything from chocolate multipacks to Cadbury selection packs and shortbread biscuits.

Posting to Facebook, the woman shared a snap of their impressive haul from the Farm Foods Clydebank store in Glasgow with fellow shoppers and insisted it was their “bargain of the day”.

They revealed that they’d managed to stock up on over 40 items for just £22 – meaning each item cost as little as £1.80 each.

“My bargain of the day, local farmfoods closing everything 50% off this is just the chocolate I got, £22 for it,” she shared.

The shopper added: “Got loads of lovely ice-cream etc too using most this for Christmas hampers.”

Hundreds of fellow shoppers were left impressed with their tasty haul, with one person gushing: “That’s a photo of heaven! Well done on your bargain.”

Another teased: “That would be my fri night munch sorted (sic),” as a third posted: “Lovely, great idea.”


Others were impressed that the woman would be able to save the chocolate for Christmas in three months times, with many insisting their willpower wouldn’t be as good.

“What a fab bargain! I can’t buy any Christmas sweets or chocolates too early, bargain or not! As the pig in me takes over and eats the lot,” said one shopper.

Another commented: “These would be in my belly within 48 hours,” as one more claimed: “Omg this wouldn’t last till Christmas.”

“You must have willpower,” said one more. “That’s too tempting to have in the house.”

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