Tia Mowry Opens Up About Sister Sister Reboot Rumors!

If you were a fan of 90’s sitcoms (and let’s face it most of us were), then you’re probably familiar with “Sister Sister” an ABC sitcom that starred Tia and Tamera Mowry from 1995-1999, about two teenage twin sisters who find each other again after being adopted separately by two different people.

Through some convoluted events, the parents of these two girls end up moving in together (even though they weren’t exactly married, uh) and from there twin hijinx ensue. For four years we watched them grow up, and then like all 90’s sitcoms, it eventually got cancelled.

No ‘Sister Sister’ reboot after all – Tia Mowry shuts reboot rumors

From there, the twins have been in other things, Tia was in the CW/BET show “The Game” for years. The Game is getting its own reboot, but Tia stated on her tiktok that she will not be returning for it, I’m sure she has her reasons. At one point, Tamera had her own cooking show, and the twins even tried their hand at a reality show back when Tia was pregnant.

(By the way, she also answered the question on her tiktok about having more kids, and the answer is no.) But as far as a Sister, Sister reboot? It looks like there is not one currently in the works. Tia didn’t elaborate in her Tiktok as to why, but in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tamera Mowry said that it all came down to “rights”.

She didn’t exactly specify what rights, but when dealing with TV shows sometimes you have to deal with several different production companies depending on who did the producing, so it’s not always up to just the stars. Tamera did say that at one point it was full steam ahead, but when they couldn’t get the rights, they had to back out of the project, which ultimately means disappointment for fans.

However, the twins say not to worry that that doesn’t mean that they’ll never, ever work together on-screen again, it just won’t be on the “Sister Sister” project, at least until someone can give them the rights to do so. So, ultimately, we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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