Tiger Woods Is Doing Well During Recovery, Still Not Playing Golf

Tiger Woods has certainly had a rough couple of days, having to deal with allegations from a former lover who went against Woods and his legal team. For what she claims is a level of harassment, in a legal sense, that is unmatched. Of course, Woods hasn’t had an easy time nursing himself back to full health, either. It’s almost been six months since his crash on the outskirts of Rancho Palos Verdes. He’s made significant progress, according to fellow golf friends. No golf yet though for Woods, though. 

How Bad Was It?  


Originally, it was thought that Tiger had severe damage to both of his legs. In a not so recent picture, though that Tiger uploaded to social media, we can see him with his dog on his golf course. His left leg is completely normal. In fact, it doesn’t show any signs of major damage or repairs. His right leg is that one that at the time at least was still in a full boot. According to his doctors, the tibia and fibula bones on his right leg had shattered and pierced through the skin! That doesn’t sound too fun.  

Progress, But No Golf  

Open Golf Practice

One of the things that everyone wants to know is whether Tiger will ever be able to get back on the course. The answer is still uncertain. From sources close to him, including fellow PGA Tour player Rickie Fowler, Woods’ day is still mainly focused on rehabbing his injury. Fowler said in a recent interview

“I know he’s been getting after it as far as rehab goes, that takes up most of his day,” while then adding,  “I know it’s been tough. It’s a long road till now, he’s got a long road ahead, but he’s putting the work in.”

Is Golf In The Cards For Woods? 

Tiger Woods and Son Charlie Compete at PNC Championship in Orlando

Information on Tiger’s recovery process has been few and far between. In the first interview that he gave after the accident, Tiger mentioned that his main focus was on being able to walk on his own again. From the different sources that have seen and spoke to Tiger, it’s clear that most of his day is focused around his rehab, as we mentioned. At the time of that first interview, he did not comment on his intentions of playing golf again. Another source near Tiger claimed that he was in good spirits, but had not made his return to the links! 

What About His Other Troubles?

Tiger Woods' Mistress Reveals Explosive Details Of Settlement Agreement

Another thing that we’ve discussed is the negative press that Woods’ has gotten this week. With former mistress Rachel Uchitel making the rounds in the press to make sure that everyone knows about her legal troubles. Which she claims steam from the time that she had a personal relationship with Tiger. No one from Tiger’s camp has commented on the Uchitel story. Tiger himself is said to be so focused on his rehab that he hasn’t even visited his Jupiter Florida restaurant. There’s a good chance he’ll never publicly comment on the Rachel Uchitel saga.

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