Tiger Woods, Tom Brady’s Friendship Ended By Gisele Bundchen?

Is the great friendship of Tiger Woods and Tom Brady coming to an end? One report says Gisele Bundchen is calling for the bromance to end after a terrible double date. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Double Date Disaster’

According to Star, Brady and Woods have grown very close since the quarterback moved to Florida. Bundchen, however, is reportedly not happy about it. The “snooty supermodel” thinks Woods’ girlfriend, Erica Herman, is a total bore. A source explains, “The guys can chat about sports for hours, but the girls have nothing in common, so they just have to sit around trying to make small talk.”

The hard feelings are mutual. A source says Herman thinks the model is “a bit stuck-up” and looks down on Herman’s background in restaurant management. The insider concludes that “it’s a shame” because Woods and Brady “were really hoping the girls would hit it off.”

Are Tiger Woods And Tom Brady Friends?

This is little more than some really strange fanfiction. Tiger Woods and Tom Brady aren’t nearly as close as this story makes them out to be. Sure, they did golf together on television, but they’ve never been spotted around town together. There’s no evidence that this supposed double date ever happened, so this story must be made up.

Woods and Brady are business associates, but that’s where the connection ends. Woods signed with Brady’s NFT company, and here’s hoping it goes better than Lindsay Lohan’s did. When Brady was featured in Time 100, it was his actual close friend David Beckham who penned the essay, not Woods. This is little more than an attack on Bundchen’s character. It calls her “snooty” and “stuck-up” and implies that she’s a total elitist who detests schmoozing with the little people. Who knows why Star has this much vitriol toward the Brazilian legend, but the potshots make this story pretty hard to believe.

Not The First Double Date

Believe it or not, but this somehow isn’t the first time this tabloid has invented a double date for Brady and Bundchen. In March 2020, it claimed they were going out with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, an impossibility at the time due to COVID-19. It’s starting to feel like the tabloid desperately wants to get dinner with the Super Bowl champion.

Gossip Cop also debunked its story about Bundchen and Brady “living separate lives.” They’re doing just fine, so that story was utterly false. Brady and Woods are work friends, not besties, so this story is bogus.


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