TikTok debate after woman shares video of date’s ‘red flag’

A woman has shared a video claiming her date showed a massive “red flag” but people aren’t so sure.

Posting on TikTok, the woman named Jade showed footage recorded from her doorbell camera of her letting herself into her house after a date, feeling pretty disgruntled.

“And he didn’t wait until I got in the house. Red flag number two, I am ghosting,” she said.

Text on the video added: “When ur date doesn’t wait for u to get in ur house before driving away.”

While she was clearly annoyed by her date’s behaviour, some thought she was being picky.

“The guy obviously dodged a bullet,” one said.

“Y’all ask too much,” another said.

Others, however, agreed with her. One wrote:

“Some of y’all’s parents didn’t raise you properly. You always wait for the person to get into the house regardless of who it is.”

“I even wait for my homies to get inside,” another said.

“Even my Uber waits for me to go inside,” a third added.

And in case anyone was wondering what red flag number one was, writing in the comments Jade said it was that he “didn’t open any doors for me.”

“He did pay tho so props for that,” she conceded.

As you can imagine, that ‘flag’ started another debate of its own.

Dating is a complete minefield.

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