TikTok food reviewer blasts cost of Five Guys in sweary rant after family meals sets him back $200

A very honest – and sweary – TikTok food reviewer went to Five Guys and had a lot to say.

After visiting the burger chain’s first Australian store in Penrith, the food wasn’t the only thing that had him talking. Instead, he was appalled by the price.

In a TikTok with almost 700,000 views, Australia-based @abrakebabra_reviews showed a receipt for $215AUD (approximately £115 or $159USD) for four milkshakes and six burgers.

WARNING: The TikTok videos include language that some viewers may find offensive

But was it worth it? Absolutely not, apparently.

In a video where he samples one of the burgers, the thumbnail of the video reads “Five Guys review this place is f******” along with a poo emoji.

“I cannot justify paying this amount of money for this. I’ll go straight to Hungry Jacks,” he remarked after biting into the burger. “There’s the honest truth, it’s f****** shit.”

In the comments, he added “stay away from this place” and called it a “f****** rip off”.

The comment section was divided. The top comment also seemed shocked at the price, saying: “With those prices they won’t last in Australia for long”.

However, some called him out for not checking the menu before visiting. One user wrote: “What, you didn’t see the prices before you ordered? Don’t pay and then complain. I don’t understand people or these negative comments.”

Okay, but what about the milkshakes?

In a video titled “What I think about Five Guys $10 shake”, along with a middle finger emoji followed by “MOFO”, he tests one of the chain’s famous milkshakes.

The video shows him take a sip of the drink before exclaiming “these motherf***ers”.

“There’s nothing special about this and they’re just charging you through the f****** ass at this place,” he said.

The video then cuts to a clip of him outside.

“This is what I think of Five Guys, their shakes, their burgers, and their organisation,” he said before throwing the milkshake over a hedge.

He’s certainly honest.

We wonder what he would think of Ben Shephard’s bizarre milkshake preference?

Indy100 has reached out to Five Guys for comment.


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