TikTok obsessed with clever dog that appears to ask owner ‘where are you going’ as she’s getting ready

It is said that pets can understand their owners, but it’s pretty rare for someone to say they know what their pet is saying.

Well now, a hilarious TikTok has taken the platform by storm after fellow users have sworn the dog asked his owner, “where are you going?”

The viral clip shows the TikToker checking out her outfit using the front-facing camera. As she proceeds to showcase her mini white bag, her white Malamute named Hugo trots into the frame and stares up at her. While the TikToker looked great, viewers were more intrigued by her dog.

He didn’t bark. He didn’t cry. Instead, the curious pup appeared to ask his owner: “Where are you going?”

Titled, “I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute”, the clip has since racked up a staggering 10.7 million views along with thousands of comments from users who heard the exact same thing.

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One said, “Answer him, where actually are you going?”

While another commented, “Darn, I’m sorry but I think your dog is asking ‘where are you going?’ or maybe it’s just me?”

“The way he swaggered up, like he knew he would make the picture better”, one TikToker said, while another highlighted Hugo’s voice:“So adorable! And such a distinguished voice!”

“I am your dog’s biggest fan”, another commented. “He clearly has a sense of humor.”

*Replays for the hundredth time*


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