TikTok of paramedics dancing in ambulance divides social media

Being a paramedic is notoriously tough, especially during a global pandemic.

Yet, a video of two ambulance workers having some light-hearted fun during their break was met with opprobrium online.

Scores of TikTok users condemned the pair after one of them, Rhianna Higgins, posted the clip to the social media platform, with the caption: “Little boogie on break.”

The 20-second recording showed the Yorkshire Ambulance Service colleagues dancing happily to a remix of Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Baby’. The ambulance service confirmed it was filmed during a rest break.

But rather than allow the duo to enjoy a few moments of downtime, numerous commentators accused them of not doing their job properly. However, the likes of Piers Morgan were quick to defend the women and hit out at the trolls.

The original clip racked up more than 270,000 views and 14,500 likes, as TikTokers offered their take on Higgins and her friend’s behaviour.

“And people [wonder] why it takes three hours for one to [turn] up,” one critic commented.

“Should [be] saving [lives] but making TikToks is priority,” wrote another.

“Now I know why my nan didn’t make it,” said a third.

While a fourth remarked: “Under pressure?? I don’t think so.”

When news emerged of the backlash following coverage by the press, Twitter users shared their confusion at the angry response to the clip.

Many of them argued that the two emergency service workers were well within their rights to take a break while on shift, and if dancing helped get them through a stressful day then so much the better.

Here’s a look at what the defenders, including Morgan, had to say:

A Yorkshire Ambulance spokesperson told The Sun: “We are aware of the video which was filmed during a rest break.

“We are taking the opportunity to remind colleagues about acting professionally at all times when representing the Trust.

“We remain very proud of the amazing job our staff do to care for patients, often in challenging circumstances.”

Higgins has not posted another video to TikTok since the debacle erupted on August 15.

We hope it hasn’t put her and her colleague off enjoying a well-earned smile and a “boogie” again.

indy100 has contacted Yorkshire Ambulance for comment.

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