TikTok shows man begging for Logan Paul to hire him after he ‘quit his $100K job’

They say never meet your heroes.

And one man certainly learned this life lesson the hard way when he claimed to have quit his job in the hopes of being hired by YouTuber Logan Paul – only to be declined.

After the brutal rejection, a tearful Austin Wallace, (@aj_wallace69) took to TikTok to explain his reasoning behind his impulsive actions. As a 22-year-old who was apparently earning $100,000 per year, he said it was “cool” but expressed how he “wants to act” and “do these things.”

“Now I don’t know what to do,” he tearfully admits: “I came up here by myself.”

The TikToker then adds in a clip from the encounter with Paul where he explains to the YouTuber how he “took a risk” by quitting his job just two days before.

In response, Paul asks what he’s good at, and Wallace says he does TikTok dances.

“So you really got what it takes?” Paul asks, to which Wallace replies: “I don’t.”

Perhaps not the best way to convince a famous influencer to give you a job, and it seems that Paul agrees and asks: “Then why would I give you a job? Why would I do that?”

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The TikTok cuts Wallace’s response from the edit and goes on to show Paul explaining why he cannot be a mentor to someone else. “I’m a f*** up myself,” he explained. “I need a mentor, you know what I’m saying? Like I need a mentor.”

At this point, Wallace begins to beg and says Paul had connections that got him to where he is today as a famous internet personality. However, Paul discredits the 22-year-old’s remarks, by saying “I only had my brother [Jake Paul]”.

Despite not giving him a job on the spot, Paul praised Wallace for quitting his job because “it takes balls to do that.” Instead, he advises that Wallace should go make content with his friends.

When Wallace continues to beg, Paul adds that “life isn’t about hand-outs” to which Wallace even offers to work for free, sharing his desire to move to Los Angeles and be a part of Paul’s team. But Paul ends their conversation by suggesting Wallace should move to Los Angeles and start networking if he is serious.

“I’ve always said this: If you’re charismatic and you can talk to someone, you can make it in L.A.,” Paul added.

Since uploading his video, Wallace has received 12.3M views, 1.5 likes and thousands of comments from people who weren’t sympathetic towards him.

One person wrote: “Bro is 22 making 100K ????? And quit now is crying about Logan not wanting to work with him.”

“The fact that you made 100k a year and just threw it away to beg Jake Paul for a job is sad,” another person said.

“WE SUPPOSED TO FEEL BAD?” Another said.

Despite the negative comments, Wallace appears to stand behind his actions in a follow-up TikTok where he says: “Money is nothing compared to your dreams.”

“Did I look pathetic? Maybe to you,” Wallace says. “But what I saw, what I felt like — I had some f***ing balls, unlike some people that would never, ever confront Logan Paul.”

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