TikTok star Bryce Hall responds to strangest boxing fight challenge he’s received

TikTok star Bryce Hall has responded after the founder of news outlet Pro Sports Extra challenged the influencer to a fight.

Bryce Hall is a TikToker with over 21 million followers on the platform alone, but like several other influencers over the past year, the 22-year-old tried his hand at boxing, participating in the headline fight of the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event against Austin McBroom.

Although he didn’t come away from the fight victorious, many have been keen to see him step into the ring again, and he’s thrown out a few names of people he might like to fight in the future.

YouTube: Bryce Hall / The ACE Family

Bryce lost to Austin at the June 12 YouTuber vs TikTokers event.

On September 2, the founder of news outlet Pro Sports Extra posted a video to Twitter, challenging “Bryce Small” to fight him at an event called Rough N’ Rowdy.

Shortly after, the influencer responded to the sudden request, saying “I’m terrified, but if you lose like 75lbs we can talk.

But the back and forth didn’t stop there. Pro Sports Extra replied: “If ‘you’re terrified’ the 75 pounds won’t matter. It’s rough n rowdy. Not showtime boxing,” to which Bryce responded, “wtf is my life… a news outlet is trying to box me.”

When the founder posted a video of him using a punching bag, Bryce responded with his own training footage, writing along with it: “buddy, I appreciate all the posts about me but I promise you don’t want it.”

If it were to happen it would definitely be an unlikely pairing, but with the weight difference between the two, it looks as though Bryce isn’t planning on taking up the offer to fight any time soon.

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