TikTok: Unique Parenting Style Of A Mother; She Let Her 3-Year-Old Son Swear.

A mom shared her unique parenting styles on TikTok, including allowing her three-year-old son to swear and play with dolls and makeup. 

No one parenting style is guaranteed to work for all children. As such, each parent has developed their own methods to raise their kids that not everyone may agree with.

Such was the case for Chelsey Banker, who made a TikTok video of her parenting styles that other parents don’t usually agree with.

“I let my three-year-old swear,” she revealed, adding that she also allows her son to play with girls’ toys such as dolls and makeup. However, she also noted that her kids are taught the more important things. Banker wrote:

“We teach him age-appropriate context about consent and equality for all.”

While some of what she shared seemed acceptable to TikTok users, a handful of viewers did not agree with allowing children to swear at such an age.

One user wrote that there was no need for a child to swear, while another revealed that at 35 years old, she still apologizes to her mom when using curse words in her presence.

According to 20-year-old Sav Butler, he refuses to raise his kids with genders and wants them to decide their identities as they grow.

In a separate video that showed Banker’s son swearing, she claimed that her child understands why certain words are not respectful. With that knowledge, she allows the toddler to use his judgment to use swear words.

Although cursing is allowed in their household, Banker does not tolerate words that will hurt others, such as using bad words at others instead of as an expression.

Her toddler also knows not to use swear words in public or within the presence of other children. Above all, Banker prioritizes instilling respectfulness in her kids.

It seems that Banker’s parenting style when it comes to swearing is used by others as well. Previously, a father sparked debate online after sharing the rules he will raise his children by.

Among them is allowing his one-year-old to swear. In fact, the dad doesn’t mind if his son’s first word is a swear word because he would likely grow up cursing anyway.

He will also make his kids use the terms “penis” and “vagina” instead of covering them with other words. His third rule was that their toys need not be gender-specific.

The father’s post was met with critics who questioned why he would allow his baby to use swear words at a young age. Usually, household rules help discourage swearing and encourage polite language, so parents need to train their kids at a young age.

Recently, another parent aired his parenting style online and drew flak amongst TikTok users. According to 20-year-old Sav Butler, he refuses to raise his kids with genders and wants them to decide their identities as they grow.


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