TikTok user explains how boyfriend revealed he was cheating by talking in his sleep

Social media is full of examples of cheaters being caught thanks to foolish slip-ups.

One influencer discovered her boyfriend was up to no good thanks to a live photo blunder, while another realised something was amiss after checking her Instagram blocked list.

Now, a TikTok user has revealed how she found out about her man’s infidelity after he blurted out another woman’s name in his sleep.

Bailey Hunter recounted the story in a clip posted to the platform, saying: “We were laying in bed and in his sleep, he said a girl’s first and last name. And usually when people are asleep talking, you know, it’s hard to make out or just doesn’t really make sense. No, this was clear as day straight out of a movie.”

Suspicious, she decided to look up the name on Facebook and saw that the woman was married with kids, so “didn’t really think too much of it”.

Still, in the morning, Hunter confronted her boyfriend about his outburst, to which he replied nonchalantly: “Oh she’s just some girl I went to high school with’.

However, she said he wasn’t “fully convinced” so decided to investigate further by contacting the mysterious stranger.

She explained: “I messaged the girl and I was like, Hey, I’m so-and-so’s girlfriend. I was just wondering if you guys have talked recently.”

Hunter went on: “The way she responded is what put me even more on edge. She was like ‘you need to mind your own business, you’re just his crazy ex-girlfriend’.”

The TikToker said she then retorted: “Excuse me, I’m not his ex-girlfriend, he’s living in my house, I’m paying for his phone bill, he drives my car to work, he’s very much my boyfriend.”

With alarm bells now ringing, Hunter decided to check his phone records and spotted a 45-minute phone call with a number she didn’t recognise.

Again, she confronted him, and again he denied anything untoward, telling her: “I’ve never made a 45-minute phone call, the company must have made a mistake.”

Hunter told viewers that this was the last straw, so she told him to pack his bags and get out.

Her clip racked up more than 3 million views and 660,000 likes in just five days as fellow TikTokers voiced their outrage and incredulity at the boyfriend’s alleged behaviour.

“The way he told on himself in his SLEEP,” one wrote.

“So funny how he dug his own grave,” added another.

A number suggested there were plenty of warning signs that the relationship wasn’t healthy even before she discovered he was unfaithful.

“Girl, your first red flag should’ve been you proving shelter, a car, AND paying for his phone bill,” one wrote.

While another said: “He lives with you, drives your car, you pay his phone bill… Ma’am, that’s your child not your boyfriend.”

In the end, Hunter said she had been forced to spend more than $1,200 (around £875) to cut the phone contract early and buy a new device after he refused to return the phone that she was paying for.

“It brought me a little joy that he was at least inconvenienced by this,” she said, adding: “I always say, what goes around comes around.”

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