TikTok user shares alarming voicemail messages left by date who stood her up

It’s bad enough to be stood up by on a first date – but then to be harassed by them for not wanting to get back in touch is next-level.

That’s what happened to a Dallas-based radio host, who shared her alarming experience on TikTok.

Posting at @masononthemic, she revealed that she was looking forward to the date, resting and then having a shower and getting done up.

“I did my hair, I looked good,” Mason laughs in the video.

“And then I sat in a restaurant for half an hour waiting for him, and he never showed up.”

Mason said the man then called her two hours later saying his father was in hospital, which was the reason for his no-show.

“Then he called me after that to tell me that his dad wasn’t actually in the hospital, and he’d lied,” she said.

“He then proceeded to leave me about five or six additional voicemails, I would like to present them to you now.”

What follows is truly disturbing.

A Dallas-based radio host has revealed the voicemail messages left by the first date who stood her up.
A Dallas-based radio host has revealed the voicemail messages left by the first date who stood her up. Credit: TikTok/masononthemic

In increasingly fired-up messages, the man berates Morgan for not getting back to him.

“It’s been an hour and I haven’t heard from you, which I don’t think is very cool,” the man says.

“I was super-honest with you, I’m starting to re-think things.

“I’ve talked to my friends and they think I should have heard something from you by now.

“I know you’re very busy with your work and everything like that, I just don’t think it’s fair that you’re not calling me back.”

He then says if Morgan doesn’t call him back within 30 minutes, “I’m sorry but I just don’t think it’s gonna work out.”

The post went viral, with more than five million views and a lot of “you dodged a bullet” comments.

“I don’t think you could put more red flags into one voicemail if you tried,” one person wrote.

“Be thankful, the trash took itself out,” another said.

But that was not the end of the story, unfortunately.

The phone messages kept coming – and the man was getting increasingly angry.

“Why haven’t you called me back?” he yells in one message.

In another message he asks her not to put any of his messages on TikTok – a request she obviously ignores.

Then, incredibly, the man’s mother called Morgan when she was live on air, inviting her over to dinner.

While a series of subsequent videos posted to TikTok have gone viral, Morgan’s followers have encouraged her to be careful in case a series of miffed messages turned into stalking.

“Please be careful. I am very worried for you,” one person wrote.

“Be careful. Listen to your intuition.”

“Please get a cease and desist letter,” a follower suggested.

“Be careful though, he could show up at your work,” another warned.

But Mason seems to find it all amusing rather than unnerving.

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