TikTok user shows her mother getting trapped in Zara jumpsuit and asks staff to help remove it

A mum on TikTok has stuck inside the Zara jumpsuit thanks to a faulty zip and went back to the store wearing it to ask for staff to unzip the garment rather than risking undoing it herself

There’s nothing more annoying than getting home with some new clothes only to find the pieces you picked out are faulty – except maybe if that discovery comes after you’ve already put the clothes on.

That’s what happened to one mum when she slipped into her brand-new jumpsuit from Zara and found there was an issue with the zip, which meant she couldn’t pull it any further up and couldn’t unzip it either.

The woman’s daughter, Isabel Robins, who posts under @isabelrobins, uploaded a video of her mum’s plight on TikTok.

And she revealed that instead of forcing the zip on the jumpsuit and potentially breaking it, they drove back to the Zara store while still in the outfit to tell the staff in the store.

In the clip, Isabel wrote: “Mum got trapped in her new outfit by a faulty zip and drove to Zara for them to let her out.”

The video has received over 240,000 views so far and more than 6,400 likes.

Some viewers were confused why the mum would ask the employees at Zara to undo the zip rather than doing it herself – but others explained that by proving the zip was faulty at the store in person, the mum was more likely to be able to get a refund or an exchange on the product.

One person wrote: “How is that Zara’s problem? They shouldn’t have helped her.”

And someone else responded: “It’s their product. If it’s within the return time and a manufacturing fault, they have to replace or refund.”

Many other commenters praised the mum for being “iconic” and poked fun at the amusing video.

One comment read: “Your mum’s so glam!”

While another said: “What an iconic lady.”

And a third posted: “Shame coz it looked awesome on her.”


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