TikTok users go wild for fuel station serving up more than 80 flavours of slush

Tubbees in Glasgow, Scotland, boasts over 80 different flavours of slush and also serves an array of desserts and candies

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Glasgow fuel station has 81 flavours of slushies for sale

A fuel station serving more than 80 different slush flavours has been sending TikTok users wild.

Tubbees Dessert Lab, which is based in a petrol station, offers plenty to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth, from Nitrogen ice cream to Slushees and all manner of tasty desserts and treats.

Located at a RaceTrack Pitstop in Bellahouston, Glasgow, Scotland, the snack haven specialises in stocking the craziest import goods for customers to try, as shown in this clip.

The video, which was posted by TikTok user @eatwithfizza, shows off both the exterior and interior of the unique petrol stop and has over 4,000 views.

The wide array of Slushee flavours was on display in the video

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The clip begins with a shot of the outside of the eatery, before taking us inside to show off the vast collection of slushie flavours.

Viewers are taken on a tour of the incredible interior, including the slush machines as well as a peek into the dessert lab itself.

Finally, viewers are also given a glimpse at some of the desserts on offer, as one of the bakers squirts sauce all over some delicious looking cookies.

Viewers also got to see one of the many Slushee machines in action

One viewer was clearly enticed by the video, writing in the comments: “I gotta go.”

Tubbees can be found at 675 Paisley Road West, Bellahouston, Glasgow, G51 1RP.

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