TikTok video of girl firing into air goes viral

There is an impression that only boys are obsessed with filming TikTok videos with weapons in their hands.

However, girls of Hafizabad seem to be dispelling this impression as in one video that has gone viral, a girl could be seen resorting to aerial firing without any fear of being caught on Monday.


According to a private TV channel, several arrests were made in the past when males were spotted either brandishing weapons or firing into the air in TikTok videos.

Now, it appears that police will have to go after females indulging in these acts while posing for TikTok videos.

Recently, on August 14 (Independence Day), the ‘molestation’ of Ayesha Akram Beg, a TikToker, by hundreds of youth had made quite an uproar and was covered not only by the national media but had also made headlines in international newspapers and TV channels.

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