TikTok video shows dirty feet inside Sydney Woolworths

An American woman has expressed her shock over the filthy act by shoppers inside a Sydney Woolworths store.

An American woman living in Australia has expressed her shock at a gross habit commonly adopted by Aussies inside Woolworths, especially in the warmer months.

Sophia Kim, who moved from Los Angeles to NSW last year, filmed inside one of the retailer’s Sydney stores, as dozens of unwitting shoppers moved around without shoes.

“I think it’s really interesting that people don’t wear shoes. I know that it’s a really Aussie thing, but shoes are optional rain or shine,” she said in a voice over of a TikTok video.

“I’m sure people do this in Hawaii, but they definitely don’t do this in LA.”

Ms Kim, who owns a swimwear company, even observed the distinct discolouring of the bottom of some shoppers’ soles.

“Some people’s soles were completely black, as you can see,” she said, revealing the dirty feet of a large number of customers.

“But I’m not hating, this is just a culture shock,” she added.

More than 300,000 people have watched the video since it was uploaded on Wednesday, with over 2000 people leaving a comment.

Many Aussies informed Ms Kim that it was a common practice in supermarkets located close to the beach.

“Best feeling when you’ve gotten absolutely crisp at the beach and the cold floors cool your whole body down,” one person wrote in a comment.

Others said it was unlikely she would make the same observation in city supermarkets, or any stores located further away from a watering hole.

“If you live near water it’s very common, but you won’t see it if you don’t live near the water,” one comment read.

Others thought not wearing shoes in any supermarket was “feral” and claimed they had never, nor would ever be caught doing it themselves.

“If I had it my way, this would be illegal,” someone said.

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