TikTok video shows woman getting abandoned before police officer after shoplifting

In a wild chase, a purported thief tried to outrun the law, screaming as her fellow criminals left her out to dry and in danger of being put behind bars.

An individual going by the name faxisfax shared a clip on TikTok of him laughing in the background at what some may deem a comical scene. In the video, an unidentified alleged shoplifter’s getaway driver deserted her.

While this incident was occurring, a police guard was already on her heels. At the beginning of the recording, TikTok viewers could see a blonde lady holding what appears to be clothing while frantically trying to open up a grey vehicle’s back door.

As she continued shouting frantically, the car drove away, she dropped the stolen attire, and a police guard began to chase her while she ran away. The overlay text in the video read:

“When shoplifters take ALL the Nike but forget to unlock the door.”

The clip then zooms in on the purported thief arrested in the Hibbett Sports store parking lot by the security guard who handcuffed her. While the person recording was laughing, a small girl could be heard asking her dad to stop taking the video.

Beyond the daughter’s reaction, the increasingly viral TikTok has stirred up many responses, with a lot of individuals finding the situation comical as laughing emojis streamed into the comment section. One TikToker commented:

“She had her crocs on sport mode and got caught. 😂😂”

Many remarked on how the individuals in the car were incredibly selfish or were setting her up. One theorized that she had already snitched on all of them to the security guard.

The original poster shared another clip after that, only including the part where she was being arrested. The overlay text on the video stated that there is an upcoming part 2 to the story, which they claimed the platform had banned beforehand.

They claimed that the tattoo artist’s unlawful actions did not align with their ethics.   

Many fellows TikTokers expressed that they were not interested in a follow-up story. However, one exclaimed that they would like to hear the incident from the apprehended woman’s perspective.

This alleged lawbreaker is not the only purported criminal who’d been caught in the act. A video of officials arresting tattoo artist Brandon Preshafor giving a tattoo in a South Carolina McDonald’s went viral.


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