TikToker Finds Ton of Bath & Body Works Products in Store Dumpsters

A viral TikTok video claims to show a ton of unused Bath & Body Works products in the store’s dumpsters.

The TikTok account @thedumpsterdivinggirls posted the video on Sept. 6, and it’s amassed a whopping 6.8 million views and 486,000 likes since. “We hit the jackpot at Bath & Body Works dumpsters!” the TikToker notes via the text overlay and text-to-speech effect.

The video, set to the “Stranger” audio track, zooms in on a dumpster filled with what appears to be Bath & Body Wallflower refills.

@thedumpsterdivinggirls is a TikTok account with 13,600 followers, and it shares dumpster dive finds.

Some of the 3,554 commenters questioned the legality of taking products from the store’s dumpsters and were in awe of how many products @thedumpsterdivinggirls found. “I wanna try this but I’m kinda scared! What if someone sees me or what should I b worried about?” one asked.

“OH MY GOSH ID CRY,” another said of the find.

Others remarked on or questioned the procedures for throwing expired products away. “I was a manager at Bath & Body works. We HAD to throw away ALL returns or old/expired product,” one said.

“Cali we don’t throw them away. Company comes and picks up barrels of damaged products,” another wrote.

“Whoever did this did not follow protocol. We dispense of all mist and wallflower properly. None go in the dumpster,” a third commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bath & Body Works and @thedumpsterdivinggirls for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 30, 2021, 3:38 pm CDT

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